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Software System Testing

Software System Testing is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system’s compliance with its specified requirements.

It has to be tested against the ‘system specification’ to ensure that it delivers the required features when the entire project is build. Software system testing is not about checking the individual parts of the project but the system as a whole. It ensures that all code modules work in a specified pattern and the system as a whole performs adequately on the platform on which it will be deployed. This testing optimizes your project not only in terms of reliability and validations but also in terms of quality assurance and excellence.

The software system testing services offered by include system and integration testing, test management and support and outsourcing software system testing. consultants have rich experience in large software system testing projects. Our testing methodology and techniques are very effective when working with compressed timelines. We will work with you to assess the testing requirements, develop the master test strategy or plan and undertake the testing required, on time and on budget. Our engagement models are flexible, rather than you maintaining an in house test facility that may be underutilized or overstretched; we can provide dedicated consultants for the required duration of the project with flexibility to alter resource levels as required towards achieving efficiency and meeting the set targets. As an Off-Site software development and software testing services provider in INDIA, we offer high quality software system testing service and other software testing services for global clients.

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