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Software Product Development Outsourcing

Product development outsourcing is much more than a trend in the entire business world. Gone are the days when a software vendor’s core strength was the ability to build products. Today, successful product development outsourcing companies are those that react quickly to constantly changing market conditions. They need to deliver outsourced products of the highest quality at the lowest price that satisfies customer needs.'s product development outsourcing solutions aim to accelerate the creation of your software products, reduce time to market and help make schedules predictable in order to better managed resources, predictable costs, and reduced market and technology risks. With as your Off-Site development partner or your development team, you can realize your product vision successfully.

Product development outsourcing services:

  1. Product concept phase:

    1. prototype design

    2. technology evaluation

    3. prototype development

    4. prototype validation

  2. Design phase

    1. Requirement collection and Analysis

    2. Software architecture

    3. Feature definition

    4. Project plan

  3. Development phase

    1. Requirement management

    2. Project management

    3. Product management

    4. Product maintenance

    5. Re-engineering and migration

  4. Testing phase

    1. Unit/Interface testing

    2. Component/Feature testing

    3. Regression testing

    4. Testing automation

    5. Product validation and acceptance

  5. Support phase

    1. Technical support

    2. Customer support

    3. Professional services

    4. Document services

    5. Performance benchmarking Software Product development outsourcing services’ advantages contains lower costs, better control, Improved Knowledge Base, Minimizing Development Costs. Etc. We outsource either complete or a part of the product development process, which helps your company build near term capability, meet increased resource needs, reduce costs, and bring a new development project perspective. We can help you meet deadlines, accelerate time to market, conform to the highest quality standards and provide you the highly skilled resources you need to maintain your competitive edge. All this, while you continue to remain cost efficient and focus on the product core business value.

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